Online SEO Proves Effective for Small Business Websites

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A (Photo credit: MikeSchinkel)

Organic listing is the best way to reap huge savings advertising on the search engines. It costs less than pay per click and has a higher rate of conversions because organic listings give browsers the content they are searching for while pay per click divert browsers to landing pages or sales pitches.

I’ve listed 6 simple directions you can take to increase your organic search results.

I)     Double your website revenue with search engine optimization

II)   Targeted SEO web traffic produces higher conversions and a higher (ROI)

III)   Irrelevant content leads to costly website failure and dismal conversion rates

IV)    The benefits of pay per click and search engine optimization

V)     Traditional advertising and social media advertising outlets

VI)    Simple keyword analysis, inbound linking and on page SEO

Double your website revenue with search engine optimization

The structure of a website page tells Google and other major search engines what keywords are relevant on your website and what subject matter category to place your site in. Very similar to listing your site on DMOZ where you specify manually the category, description and title of your site.

The Title Tag tells what your website is about and should not be different from the content on the page. It should describe everything clearly. It must be relevant and compelling to your audience and to search engines.

Performing search engine optimization on your website is the most important strategy you can implement to achieve high organic search engine rankings and a more cost-effective ROI. With the top ten websites on Google accounting for 75% of consumer attention and paid link ads only 25% there is a very high contrast between consumers focusing on natural organic SEO results and those focusing on pay per click ads. And this stems from the tendency consumers have to ignore paid ads. Consumers are interested in finding well-articulated information that provides them with the most value. And most likely websites that are search engine optimized provide just that valuable information to their customers.

Focus on specific keywords based on your business model that are targeted to your consumer audience and use those keywords to create valuable content for your consumers in the form of articles, blogging, pod casts, press releases, whitepapers and webinars. Small business owners will have a clear focus on their business needs, target audience and be able to use this knowledge to their advantage by forming a SEO campaign.

Targeted SEO web traffic produces higher conversions and a higher return on investment (ROI)

If you’re like the majority of website owners you’re in complete obscurity on the web without a clue of how to get out of it. You’re not getting enough website site traffic and if you are they’re not converting into paying customers. So you need more website traffic and you need higher conversion rates to achieve a better return on your investment whether you’re running a PPC campaign or doing any kind of generic internet marketing.

You need to do two things 1) create an active customer base for your product 2) convert that active customer base into paying customers. In order to accomplish both your website needs to be more visible on the major search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN for beginners. How do you get Google and other major search engines to recognize your site as a site of authority or influence on the web? Evaluate what kind of visitors you want to visit your website, what are those visitors interested in, and how you can offer them value.

Based on your evaluation make a list of keywords that match what they’re searching for. Use these keywords to create valuable content. Content is the currency of the web if you have no content on your website you’re missing out on a lot of searches and prospects that are searching for information on your services or products. Prospects may not yet be ready to buy but if you provide them with valuable content you may have a returning user interested in the information you provide to them. You can later convert that user into a paying customer.

Content is also important because it builds the relationship of trust between you and your audience it shows them you’re not just pushing products. You’re interested in their questions, concerns or just their need to know more so you write articles, reviews, create videos, host informative webinars, and engage with them using social media to address them.

This not only builds trust between you and your prospective customers but its builds a link campaign that drives traffic to your small business website when customers search for the keywords you have placed in your content.



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