Engaging Webinar Attraction Marketing For Your Prospects & Customers

Postgrau gestió museística- webinar with Nancy...

Postgrau gestió museística- webinar with Nancy Proctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The same presentation skills used before an in person audience must be transferred to a virtual audience through images and words. The tone and clarity of voice and of imagery must be the central points of engaging your online audience since it is not video conferencing. Think of your webinar as an audio book in real time. Your attendees should be entertained to an extent by what you say and how you say it. More so they should be well informed on your services or products and your purpose or importance to them in the marketplace. Here I outline the 5 key aspects a webinar is composed of to maintain the attention of your prospects and customers.


Build brand recognition through the credibility of your webinar presenters by including a brief biography of each during the beginning of the webinar. Have each presenter debrief your customers and prospects on how they contribute to the purpose of the webinar and their credentials to do so as well as personally why they do it so as to build rapport with the attendees. This will help presenters to connect on an emotional level with the attendees, relax and remain fresh in the minds of attendees.

Remember that while the webinar is a professional one being personable by inserting experiential stories or inviting current customers who are having a great experience with your product to speak will enhance your credibility and keep attendees alert to your purpose and remain engaged in the presentation rather than drifting away to checking e-mail or browsing Facebook while they listen. There are a million and one things to do online all at the same time.

Briefly pinpoint the purposes of the webinar in bullet form reaffirm the purpose repeatedly after a certain amount of time has passed to keep it in the minds of viewers while you are presenting  and ensure them you are keeping pace and making progress.

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